Understanding Our Process

General FAQs

Is there a right time to start this type of training?

Soccer Sense begins developing players as young as 8 years old. While many of our players start at this age and train with us throughout their high school career, any boy or girl can enter any of our programs at any time. We typically group 8/9 year olds together, 10/11 year olds together, 12/13 year olds together and 14+ together.

What do I need to bring to practice?

Each player should come to practice with an inflated soccer ball, soccer shoes, tennis shoes and shin guards. Sports Zone does offer refreshments, including beverages and snacks, which can be purchased. You may also bring your own beverages from home. Snacks on the playing field are not permitted, but can be consumed off the field.

Where do you hold your training sessions and programs?

Soccer Sense hosts Player Development Programs at Sports Zone, located at the Monroe 33 Sports Center. The physical address is 4 Farrington Boulevard, Monroe, NJ 08831. For GPS Directions, use 1320 Perrineville Road, Monroe Township, NJ 08831

How do I know which program to register my child for?

Register your child for the age appropriate Player Development Program.

Do you have a limit on size of your classes?

It is our experience that players develop best in a small peer group, led by a team of professional coaches. This is why we limit registration for each session to 10-14 players. Typically we allow no more than 2 makeups per each 1 hour session to ensure the benefits of one-on-one coaching opportunities and the benefit of team play. This is why it’s so important for our Scheduling Coordinator to be contacted regarding absences and makeups.

If my child can only attend a portion of the training sessions, should we register anyway?

Soccer Sense’s Player Development Programs are specifically designed to help every player reach their maximum potential. In order to bring each child to the next level of play, it is vital that they attend the regularly scheduled training sessions. This will help them hone their current skills and acquire new ones. Regular attendance is also the best way for coaches to evaluate progress and provide recommendations and suggestions for improvement. Players who regularly miss practice sessions or only participate in a portion of the season’s sessions do not often see the same benefit as those in regular attendance.

What kind of payment plans do you offer?

In conjunction with Sports Zone, Soccer Sense offers safe and convenient online registration and payment.

Will Coach Williams train my child privately?

Coach Williams and his team of professional coaches limit the number of Player Development Attendees to 10-12 per session so that each player can receive the benefits of one-on-one coaching, as well as team and peer practice sessions.

How do you feel your coaching/training is different than others?

Every player begins their athletic career as an individual, which is why Soccer Sense coaches players to develop their technical skills as an individual first. Once those skills are mastered, we work with the players to help them develop tactically in a small group setting.

I would like to watch my child practice from the sidelines during the practice session. Why can’t I come onto the practice field?

While we respect the work you do as parents to mold bright, healthy and productive children, it is our job as coaches to help them reach their maximum potential, on and off the field, by attending our specially designed Player Development Programs. These programs instill confidence and empowerment; develop leadership skills, teamwork and respect. In terms of modeling respect, we ask that you respect our coaching staff by remaining outside the practice area and off the field, unless specifically asked by your child’s coach to enter the practice area or field. Your children will be dismissed by their coaches.