Understanding Our Process

Year Round Program FAQs

Can I be reimbursed if my child is unable to make up any missed sessions?

All makeup sessions should be scheduled with our Scheduling Coordinator and completed within the same 12 week season as the missed session. Missed sessions are not reimbursable.

What is your reason to have mixed age training/mentors?

It is our experience that new or younger players develop best through the motivation and education of their peers, as well as an excellent Coaching Staff. These peer trainers serve as role models, giving the younger players something to aspire to.

If my child misses a training session, when can that session be made up?

All missed sessions must be made up within the current 12 week session. Please contact our scheduling coordinator at develop@soccersense.net. Provide your child’s name, age, regular training session and your availability for a makeup session in your email.

Our Coordinator will help find a convenient time slot that fits into your schedule.

What is your policy if a training session falls on a holiday?

If your child’s practice session falls on a holiday, that session will be cancelled and a makeup session will be scheduled. If your child is unable to attend the scheduled makeup session, simply contact our Scheduling Coordinator at develop@soccersense.net, providing your child’s name, age, regular training session and your availability for a makeup session.

How long does each practice session last?

Each field session is geared toward an hour of practice time. Immediately following the field work, players retreat to a stretching area with Coach Williams and his staff. It is during this time that players are stretched and cooled down to avoid injuries. This also offers the Coaches an opportunity to review what the players learned during that day’s session.

Why is Coach Williams not always coaching every session?

Each Coach brings his/her own unique perspective to the field and practice session, while embracing the Soccer Sense philosophy. Coach Williams has personally selected every member of his Coaching Staff, which guarantees their shared philosophy, training and exacting standards of soccer.

I feel that my child is an advanced player and I would like to register him/her for a different session than recommended on your website.

Being the parent of an athlete is truly an enjoyable experience. As a parent, you’ve had the privilege of watching your child progress as his/her soccer prowess grows. And while it’s your job to be a proud cheerleader for your player, we recommend all players begin in the recommended age group. This will give our Coaches an opportunity to properly evaluate the child’s skill sets and level of play with his/her own peers. If your child would benefit from being placed with a different age group, one of our professional Coaches will discuss that with you and your child.

How much practice should children do at home to balance your training?

Practicing at home is imperative to developing the skill sets needed for your child to reach their maximum potential. However, we do not want to over-train our players. At home practice should consist of technical skill building, in addition to any new skills learned at the previous week’s practice session.