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The best athletes in any sport make it look easy. They are often described as gifted, exceptional – poetry in motion. These elite athletes usually have natural talent and always work the hardest at perfecting their skills. Regardless of their sport, the most successful athletes reach the pinnacle of their performances with the help of an extraordinary coach and a philosophy that lights the twin fires of desire and confidence.

Join a Soccer Sense player development program today. You will feel the fire, the passion, and the compassion. If you are looking for the right coaches and program to take your child to the next level, you have found your answer here. We invite you to experience the philosophy that can develop players to their maximum potential, both on and off the field!

Soccer Sense and the coaching staff are a winning combination that has succeeded in the soccer arena. Together, they have been the secret ingredient in the success on the most prestigious stages, taking beginning and advanced players to the next levels.



– Coach Richard Williams



Dear Prospective Players and Families,

Soccer is more than my profession; it is my passion. In over 30+ years, I have coached thousands of boys and girls; many of these youth players have become college stars and professionals. I also had the privilege of coaching many players who have gone on to play on national teams or represent their countries in the World Cup. While it is true that not everybody can be a star, it is equally true that everyone should strive for greatness, to maximize their potential on and off the field. If you have that burning desire to excel Soccer Sense is for you. Soccer Sense will provide you the opportunity to become a better soccer player, guaranteed. Through our proven process you will learn invaluable life lessons – self-discipline, self-confidence, hard work to achieve goals. Respect, team work and commitment.

I handpicked our coaching staff and taught them the Soccer Sense way. Join us and you will be part of something special – always.

Richard Williams
Founder / Director


Few coaches have the technical expertise to coach other coaches, and fewer still earn the opportunity to coach some of the best players in the world, including more than 15 World Cup players. These accomplished credentials are a result of Coach Williams’ unique approach and extraordinary communication skills with his players and teams.

Coach Richard Williams, Founder / Director

Professional Teams

  • MLS, NY/NJ MetroStars**
  • MLS, NY/NJ MetroStars Reserve Team*
  • MLS, NY/NJ MetroStars Academy – Director of Player Development
  • MLS, New England Revolution**
  • MLS, Tampa Bay Mutiny**
  • APSL, Ft. Lauderdale Strikers**

*Head Coach
**Assistant Head Coach

International Coaching Licenses:

  • Brazilian Elite Coaching License
  • Scottish “A” (Introductory) Certificate
  • English Association Teaching Certificate

National Coaching Licenses:

  • U.S. Soccer National “A” License
  • U.S. Soccer National Youth License
  • USC National Youth Diploma
  • USC Director of Coaching Diploma

Coaching Instructor Licenses:

  • U.S. Soccer Grassroots Instructor License
  • USYSA TOPSoccer Certificate


“You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.” – Lionel Messi

Perfection is not a word; it is a philosophy. It is more than today’s performance and today’s score. True success is determined by the quality of play and long-term improvement, not by short-term results. Perfecting the simple aspects of the game is what makes an average player rise to the top.

We focus on player development through a consistent, articulated, patient plan that serves players of all abilities. We inspire ambition, cultivate passion and discover potential. We create an environment where it’s safe to try, to learn, to lose, to risk, to be creative and to dream. We encourage our players to keep a positive mental attitude – always.

There is no substitute for hard work, dedication, drive and the desire to succeed. We challenge and encourage our players to develop their ability to work hard and still have fun.

Let Soccer Sense show you its fast-paced, fun-filled path towards perfection!


Coach Williams has been described as a “master craftsman” on the field. Players often hear words of encouragement, such as “embrace the pressure” and “have the confidence to shine like a star” from the Soccer Sense team.

You can count on Soccer Sense programs and coaches to bring out the best in your child.

One minute they are demanding. The next minute they are understanding.

Every minute they are persistent … relentlessly coaxing players to be their personal best.

One moment, they are face to face with your child, shouting for just a little more.

Then, they have a player aside, quietly explaining.

Soccer Sense makes the hard work of achieving excellence fun!