Mission Statement

The mission of Soccer Sense is to foster a fun-filled, inspiring, and safe environment where players build on their Desire to achieve personal and physical development as they strive for Excellence. Soccer Sense uses the game as a pathway to convey life-long Values, including confidence, Enthusiasm, teamwork, discipline, commitment, and Leadership. Through competitive soccer Opportunities, players learn the appreciation of demanding work and persevere towards Perfection.



The Double S works in perfect harmony and represents the importance of teamwork. We take pride in teaching successful soccer.

The two shades of green illustrate the professionally manicured fields which mirror our player’s aspirations to get to the highest levels.

The Meaning Behind Our Crest

Click on our interactive crest to gain a better understanding of our program.

Gray Green Yellow Blue Black


Gray demonstrates that there is no limit to the possibilities, on and off the field.


Green is the color of the grass and the foundation of the building blocks in our player development program.


Yellow symbolizes the abundant “sunshine” in our Good Vibes program.


Blue represents the excitement of big dreams and reaching for the stars.


Black is a color of strength and focus; keep your eyes on the prize.

Our beliefs


RESPECT is learned and should be mutual. It is important to practice and earn respect, in life and in the game.

HUMILITY is essential for progress. Let your actions speak for themselves; quiet confidence goes a long way.

GREAT ATTITUDE attracts attention. Motivates others to demonstrate similar qualities. People want to be around you and emulate you.

STRONG WORK ETHIC inspires others to work harder and brings you closer to achieving greatness. It influences others to follow your lead.

PROFESSIONALISM is mandatory. Act the part by dressing professionally and communicating in an appropriate, effective manner.

COMPASSION goes a long way. It is a gift of support that helps others, on and off the field.

LEADERSHIP allows others to follow you. Taking the initiative and doing the right thing. Let all eyes be on you.